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Are you a Physician/Doctor?

GreenLeaf Consultants, LLC is Premier Cannabis Evaluation Center and is helping hundreds of new Medical Cannabis patients get their medical recommendations. The demand for qualified physicians who care truly compassionate and knowledgeable about patients is increasing. If you are a doctor and would like to join our network please contact us at by Email or call us at (410) 862-0062. Our doctors can work at one of our locations in Maryland or in the comfort of your office and provide convenient and efficient care to patients.

Are you a Dispensary?

Maryland is brand new to the Medical Cannabis Program; many patients are new to the industry and need advice and education on what products to buy and how to best meet their medical needs. If you are a potential dispensary we would like to learn more and partner up to educate our patients. You will have the possibility to be listed under our Recommended partner list on our site, provide you with a page to write an article/ informational content on your products services and education. Please contact us by Email or call us at (410) 861-0062.